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Installation, repairs and maintenance for ducted air conditioning in Brisbane.

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Technicool provides installation, repairs and maintenance for ducted air conditioning throughout Brisbane.

Ducted air conditioning is the ultimate solution when you need to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. As a whole-home solution, ducted air conditioners are powerful enough for properties of every size.

Our team has partnered with Australia’s leading brands and manufacturers to provide ducted air conditioners that last. With systems from brands like Daikin, we’re able to design an air conditioner for homes and businesses across Brisbane.

If you’re thinking about installing a new ducted air conditioner, or if your existing system needs repairs and maintenance, give Technicool a call. Our experienced technicians can handle any issue, so book your appointment today!

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning provides the ultimate level of comfort for homes and commercial buildings. With everything controlled by a central unit, your ducted air conditioning can keep your home at the perfect temperature.

  • Complete Climate Control – Set a different temperature for every zone from one central controller.
  • Reverse Cycle – Many ducted air conditioning systems come with both a cooling and heating function known as ‘reverse cycle,’ allowing you to do away with expensive space heaters.
  • Silent Operation – For those who like to rest or work in silence, nothing beats the whisper-quiet output of ducted air conditioning.
  • Visually Appealing – A ducted system is 90% hidden in the roof, so it will have no impact on the visual appeal of your home or office.
  • Energy Efficient – Innovative technology such as climate control and variable compressors means air conditioners use less energy than ever. That makes ducted air conditioning installation Brisbane the perfect solution for keeping your power bills under control.
  • Cleaner Air – Air conditioners filter the air that passes through the system. This improves the air quality in your home and can be a great benefit for people who suffer from breathing issues like hayfever, allergies or asthma.
  • Resale Value – Ducted air conditioning is one of the most desirable features when buying property, so booking your ducted air conditioning installation Brisbane can add huge value to your property.
  • Flexibility and Choice – Ducted air conditioning systems offer a variety of useful features and can be tailored to suit most residential and commercial buildings.

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“The team at Technicool do a great job maintaining and repairing our air commercial tenancies, Highly recommended”

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“Excellent company to deal with. Very thorough, efficient, and professional. Would highly recommend!”

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“Sean from Technicool looked after the servicing of our Daikin multihead split system. He was on time and very helpful. Listened to our queries and paid close attention to them. I was impressed how he solved a seemingly awkward issue we had been experiencing for years with no troubles. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone looking for an air conditioner solution.”

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Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane

If you want to stay comfortable year-round, it’s hard to beat our ducted air conditioning!

The team at Technicool has installed thousands of air conditioners across Brisbane, and ducted units remain our favourites.

There’s no better way to stay comfortable than a well-designed ducted air conditioning system. We work on all types of homes and commercial buildings, so our expert team can specify a cooling solution for every property. We also service and provide split system air conditioning installation in Brisbane too! 

Whether you’re battling hot summers or cool winters, we provide ducted air conditioning installations that can help you through any weather.

Get in touch if you’re considering ducted air conditioning. You can contact us online for a quote, or give us a call to book your ducted air conditioning installation with Technicool!

Ducted Air Conditioning Repairs Brisbane

The team at Technicool provides ducted air conditioning repairs Brisbane wide. With fully qualified technicians and access to spare parts from all major manufacturers, we can provide fast, affordable and efficient repairs for all ducted systems.

It’s important not to run ducted air conditioning if you notice a problem. Switch the system off and give Technicool a call. We’re usually able to discuss your options over the phone and provide a general idea of what the problem is.

We offer ducted air conditioning repairs to both residential and commercial clients. We work on systems from all major manufacturers, so we can identify and repair any issues you’re experiencing.

If your air conditioning is struggling to stay cool, making strange noises or smells, or if you notice any other problems, give us a call to book your repair appointment.

Signs Your Ducted Air Conditioning Needs Repairs

Brisbane’s summer temperatures mean you rely on your air conditioning every day. If something goes wrong, you could find yourself in a sticky situation. Contact Technicool if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Inconsistent Temperatures
  • Restricted Air Flow
  • Squealing & Ticking Noises
  • Musty & Mouldy Smells
  • Water Leaks & Dripping
  • High Power Consumption

Technicool are air conditioning experts, and we offer ducted air conditioning maintenance in Brisbane.

We’re equipped to provide everything from regular maintenance to major repairs. If you’re struggling with a ducted air conditioner that’s not performing, our team can get you back up and running in no time.

Ducted systems are convenient, affordable and energy-efficient when compared to alternate cooling methods. But, they’re also a serious investment, and regular maintenance can ensure you get the longest life from your system.

At Technicool, we take pride in offering fast, efficient and affordable ducted air conditioning servicing Brisbane wide.

If you need regular maintenance, repairs, spare parts or anything else, our team has you covered. Contact us at any time to book an appointment, or call us to find out more about our air conditioning maintenance program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size do I need?

There are many factors to consider, including room size, orientation, insulation used, window and door openings, so it’s wise for us to inspect your area first.

What is the best brand of ducted air conditioning?

Daikin ducted systems have always proven to be the best on the market due to their reliability and features.

Is ducted air con efficient?

Although it usually costs more upfront, compared to running multiple split system units at the same time, a ducted system with climate control and zoning will definitely be cheaper to run.

How often do I need to service ducted air conditioning?

For optimal performance, a thorough professional ducted air conditioning service should be performed at least once in a 12 month period.

Does Technicool provide any guarantees or warranties?

Yes, there is our quality of workmanship guarantee and there is a 5-year manufacturer guarantee on parts and labour, (including ducted air conditioning repairs) from Daikin as long as it is installed by a professional like us.

How soon can Technicool install a new system?

We typically schedule installation projects within 2 weeks of a client approving our quote.

How much does ducted air conditioning cost to install?

Ducted Air Conditioning prices vary depending on your property’s size and other important factors.

As a guide, our expert technicians can help you with an obligation-free price estimate over the phone if you let them know about your space and what you are wanting.

Because most homes or buildings aren’t the same, we always come to your site or home to discuss your needs and see the spaces so we can recommend the most affordable and suitable solutions.

For years, we’ve been installing ducted air conditioners for many happy customers who initially didn’t think they could afford it. We go to great lengths to secure the best solutions and prices, and we would love to do the same for you.

How does ducted air conditioning work?

Just like other air conditioning systems, ducted units have two major components: a compressor unit that sits outside the building and a fan coil unit that’s installed in your roof. These two units work together to cool the air in your property and distribute it to each room through ductwork in the ceiling.

Ducted air conditioners might look complicated, but they’re simple appliances that work using a few basic principles. First, the fan coil unit draws up warm air from the inside of your home. The warm air is passed through a filter and across pipes that are filled with chilled refrigerant. These refrigerant pipes absorb heat from the air, and then the cooled air is distributed back into your home through ductwork.

The warm refrigerant in the fan coil unit is then circulated through the system to the external compressor unit. Here, the refrigerant is cooled by a large fan and excess heat is dissipated into the atmosphere. Once that’s complete the refrigerant is compressed and it’s ready to start its journey again!

What is the process of installing ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning installations need to be tailored to your property. We’ll meet with you to assess your requirements and look at factors like:

  • The layout of the building and the size of each of the rooms
  • The orientation of your home and where it’s exposed to the sun
  • The size of any windows, doors and openings
  • What your building is made of, such as brick or timber cladding
  • Whether there is any insulation in the walls and ceiling
  • How you use your spaces and the number of people that occupy each zone at any given time