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Frequently asked Questions about Air Conditioning

What's the most economical way to run my air conditioning?
  • When its hot, set your air conditioning on earlier so it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool everything down
  • Point your louvers upwards when cooling and downwards when heating
  • Have your air filter cleaned regularly
  • Ensure your system is cleaned of mould, bacteria and dust by a professional
How can I select the right company to install my air conditioning?

A company or person must have a license issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) to be able to work with refrigerant gases. Technicool holds the highest level refrigeration license – a RAC01 – That means we understand air conditioning better than most. So we’ve got your back.

When should I clean my filters?

As a general guide, once every season is adequate for residential and once a month for commercial air conditioning systems.

Sometimes I see a white mist coming from the air-con, is this a problem?

The mist is water vapour heating up and being expelled. This normally happens during a warm air cycle in winter when air conditioners are cold and frosty.

Can you explain what reverse cycle means?

A Reverse cycle system is very energy efficient because it can both heat and cool your house or place of business.

Can you explain what Ducted air is?

Multi rooms can be cooled and warmed from small ducts in the ceiling as opposed to have a grill on the wall. Each room temperature can be separately controlled and its all run from one central outside unit.

My air conditioner is old and loud, will it be costly to repair or should I get it replaced?

Let’s put it this way, if its old it will definitely be costing you maximum to run in the long term and it will be expensive to keep repairing. The old systems simply don’t have the clean air technology of today’s models so the air you breathe at night won’t be the purest. If it’s loud already, it’s likely to get louder over time. In most cases your best to consider a new system as this will cost you less in the long run.

How do I choose a unit that is more energy efficient than others?

You’ve seen those energy rated stars on appliances for such items fridges and washing machines, well air con systems are similar. The greater the star rating the more efficient the product is.

What does Heating and Cooling capacity mean?

The ‘heating capacity’ is defined from the systems ability to transfer heat from the outside into the room making it warmer. The opposite of this gives you the cooling capacity, i.e the removal of heat from a room making it colder.

The air isn’t blowing as cool as it used to?

This is very common and its usually a sign of a system that hasn’t been maintained as often as it should. 

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