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 Residential Air Conditioning Service

 We can provide you with residential air conditioning service Brisbane wide!

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If your air conditioner has stopped working or is causing you problems, the residential air conditioning service team at Technicool Air Conditioning are here to help.

Types of Residential Air Conditioning Repairs

We perform air conditioning repairs on all brands of air con in Brisbane on all types of properties such as houses, townhouses, apartments, office buildings, schools, shops, industrial buildings and more. Our residential air conditioning service Technicians are friendly, great with communication and have the skills and experience necessary to fix a wide variety of air conditioning systems such as:

Window Box

Window box air conditioners are generally in bedrooms and can work the hardest as they’re often running all night long. Keep it in tiptop shape to ensure you get the best night’s sleep.

Split Systems

Split system air conditioning units can wear down and not work the way they should. Don’t worry, we’ve got the residential air conditioning service experience to get it going again.

Ducted Air

If your ducted air conditioning system isn’t working properly, you can rely on our team of residential air conditioning repairs experts to get you back up and running in no time.

Maintenance Plans

Continuous care of your system should start from the moment it’s installed. Taking care to clean the filters is an easy task you can do yourself. However, your system will require care beyond that which is best left to the residential air conditioning installation and repair professionals. Getting your air-con regularly checked and serviced will ensure it is always running efficiently. This will save you money both in electricity bills and in future repairs as you won’t be running worn out parts. Our residential air conditioning service team recommend annual checkups to ensure things like the cooling coils, refrigerant levels, drip trays and condensing units are all kept in optimal condition. If your unit has been sitting all winter without use, it may be time for a service before the summer heat arrives.

How To Know You Need Aircon Repairs

Brisbane summers can be almost unbearable at times with extreme heat and humidity. We rely on our air conditioning working to its fullest capacity when we need it most. When it doesn’t, it can be uncomfortable, frustrating and very time consuming to fix.

So how can you tell if your system is in need of urgent residential air conditioning service repairs? Here are some of the most typical symptoms we see:

  • Unit isn’t blowing cold air
  • Inconsistent room temperature
  • Strange noises when running
  • Gasping or rattling sounds
  • Suddenly drops out or switch’s off
  • Unusual Odours or Smells
  • Noticeable increase in Power Bills
  • Water is leaking from the unit

We always say that prevention is better than the cure so if your air conditioning unit is underperforming, then it’s time to speak with the residential air conditioning installation experts at Technicool today.

Air Con Repair Process Explained

Get in touch with our residential air conditioning repairs and we will discuss the issue over the phone and in many cases, we can give you an indication of the cost to fix a problem upfront. If it’s something more complicated, we will organise a suitable day and time with you to come out to your property to do a thorough assessment.

On arrival, our residential air conditioning repairs team will run tests to diagnose the problem and give you a fixed price and options for the repairs. If it’s a simple problem and we have the parts with us, we can fix the issue on the spot.

If for some reason we need to organise a special part, we will order it as a priority and when it arrives, we will come out and replace the old part and have you up and running again.

Rest assured, we strive for a fast turnaround for all of our clients as we know how important a quick repair is to you. We focus on communication, so you will be updated every step of the way until we have solved the problem.

Get It Fixed in Four Easy Steps


Chat To Our Team

Discuss the issue with our friendly team to understand what the problem might be and to book a visit.



We will come out to inspect the unit, run tests to diagnose the problem, and discuss options and costs with you.


Go Ahead

Once you have selected the best course of action and given us the go-ahead, we get to work.



We get the job done professionally and on time so you can once again enjoy your air-con.

Don’t Try This At Home

Depending on the warning signs and underlying issue, it could turn out to be something simple and relatively quick to fix, but take the safe route and call the professionals. Air Conditioners are complex electrical appliances and it’s not worth the risk to pull things apart yourself, you could end up damaging your unit, possibly injuring yourself or worse case, suffer an electric shock. Work on your unit is best left to our team of residential air conditioning repairs experts. Contact us today if you have any questions.

Daikin Air Conditioning Repair Experts

We are Daikin authorised specialists and can repair all residential and commercial models quickly and efficiently. If you currently have a Daikin A/C system and would like it maintained by qualified professionals who know their Daikins, then look no further than Technicool.

Why Choose Technicool for Residential Air Conditioning Repairs

When you need fast, efficient repair service look no further than Technicool. Repairing Air Conditioning Systems the right way takes knowledge and experience and you don’t want to take shortcuts. Have any repair work done correctly to prevent future breakdowns that will only cost you more in the long run.

Technicool Air Conditioning is one of the most qualified companies within the industry and we will always back ourselves with our promises to you:


Licensed Technicians


Fixed-Price Quotes


On-Time Guarantee


Superb Customer Support


Quality Workmanship


Great Communication


Friendly Staff


Highly Experienced Team

Do You Have An Emergency Or Need Repairs Done Quickly?

Technicool is experienced in all residential air conditioning repairs and emergencies and can respond to your requests very quickly. It doesn’t matter if you are a new customer, or whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial breakdown, our goal is to provide the help you need to restore your system and have it running as quickly as possible. Give us a call or send us a message today!

“Highly Recommended”

“The team at Technicool do a great job maintaining and repairing our air commercial tenancies, Highly recommended”

Amy Pagotto

“Excellent Company”

“Excellent company to deal with. Very thorough, efficient, and professional. Would highly recommend!”

Samanthan Townsend

“On Time and Very Helpful”

“Sean from Technicool looked after the servicing of our Daikin multihead split system. He was on time and very helpful. Listened to our queries and paid close attention to them. I was impressed how he solved a seemingly awkward issue we had been experiencing for years with no troubles. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone looking for an air conditioner solution.”

Sean Griffin


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Technicool Air Conditioning

Artick License No: AU04080
QBCC License No: 700698

7/152 Bluestone Cct, Seventeen Mile Rocks QLD 4073

7/152 Bluestone Cct, Seventeen Mile Rocks QLD 4073