How To Choose The Best Air Conditioner

The climate in South East Queensland can be intensely hot, so to consider living with no air conditioning in your home or premises is not an option.

Selecting the right system for your business, apartment, townhouse or house can be time-consuming and a little confusing, especially when you’re searching around for the best quality and price.

But before you commit to having one installed, contact the expert team at Technicool Air Conditioning so we can come out to ensure your thinking about the right system for your property or if its commercial air conditioning for a building.

Main Types of A/C Solutions on the Market

Each type of unit has pros and cons so the following is a basic overview to help you along the way:

Window Units

Window air conditioners have been popular for decades and one of the simplest ways to cool a room. As the name says they can be fitted on a window or even bolted to a wall. They are often considered more affordable upfront compared to a split system but can still deliver cool consistent air in the right circumstances.


  • Great for small Rooms – Ideal for heating and cooling a confined space like a study or a small bedroom and can be very effective in the right environment
  • DIY suitable – Can be installed by anyone with handy DIY skills, plugged into a wall socket and off you go, but they still need to be vented to the outside and so it’s still wise to talk to a professional beforehand
  • Costs – Can be bought from most electrical retail outlets and are affordable to buy and reasonably efficient to run, always check the energy star rating as a go-to
  • Features – Most have remote controls, timers, and air purifiers but considering they are hung inside your window you will need to consider one that comes with an insect guard. This is Queensland after all


  • Intrusive looking – They are very noticeable from both the outside and inside so not great if you want to sell your home one day
  • Limited Capacity – Many people mistakenly buy a cheap one and put it in a room it can’t properly service overworking the unit making it expensive to run. For Bigger spaces, you may need two
  • Lighting and Views – When mounted on a window they will block the natural light from coming into a room and obstruct any views you may have
  • Noisy – Window units are typically louder than a split system, so this needs to be considered if you are a light sleeper

Portable Units

Portable systems are available from most of the big retailers and promoted as one of the most affordable and convenient ways to cool down a room. Most are standalone units and can be moved anywhere to blow directly warm and cool you down. In many ways, they are considered a step up from a window unit but are certainly DIY friendly.


  • DIY Friendly – These are compact and easy to transport from space to space
  • Perfect Short Term Solution – Being portable, they are ideal for renters and for going on holiday where they may not be reliable air con.
  • Features – Portables have options such as multi-directional louvers to share the airflow, remote controls and most have a timing function
  • Clear Window Space – They don’t need to be mounted on a window so you get your views and visual appeal back


  • Less Power – Customer reviews and many people we speak to commonly state the portable devices do not supply the cooling power they declare
  • Pricey – A better quality unit will often tend to be expensive to buy and the energy efficiency ratings imply they aren’t cheap to run for long periods at a time.
  • Noise – Certainly the cheaper models sound like a stand-up pedestal fan when they get going so its best to test one out in a quiet space with the fans on high before committing
  • Maintenance – Lots of mobile units have water tanks that should be cleared periodically.
  • Loud – Only extra pricey systems are quieter than their window-mounted counterparts.

Ductless/Mini-Split Systems

Split system air conditioners

Without question, split systems are one of the most popular residential air conditioning types for Queenslanders cooling their homes and offices as they offer incredible benefits for property owners.

Referred to as ‘split’ because there are two parts: an outdoor compressor on the ground or mounted on the wall and an indoor unit or head which today come in a range of modern slim designs to blend into the décor.


  • Choice’s – Reverse cycle heating and cooling, inverter, ‘technologically smart’ models and even multi-head air conditioners which are multiple indoor units attached to one outside compressor – a great option to consider if ducted isn’t possible
  • Energy efficiently – the running costs of a split air conditioning system are minimal with many models having an ‘Inverter’ where can regulate and hold the temperature in your home without constantly working on high to maintain a cool environment. Some models even come with a high 7-star energy rating
  • Advanced – Can be WIFI enabled and controlled from a smartphone eliminating the need for multiple remotes
  • Versatility – Can be installed anywhere and is capable of servicing most room sizes in houses and commercial buildings
  • Whisper Quiet – If you switch from a portable or window system you will notice the vast difference in sound because the compressor that creates the hot and cold air is located on the outside and the unit that blows the air is located on the inside. Perfect for your home or office where noise needs to be at a minimum
  • Cleaning and Maintenance – It’s easy to wipe down the surface of the indoor unit and clean its filters and the outdoor unit is easy to access for any maintenance or repairs
  • Clean Air – If you suffer from allergies or asthma, many models will purify the air to prevent contaminants from circulating in your house or business.


  • Prices – Both Portable and Window units are cheaper to buy
  • No DIY – If you wanted a DIY system, split air conditioning isn’t an option as you must be a licensed professional to install in Australia

 Ducted air conditioners

With a ducted system, you can heat and cool your entire home or building with ease. Ducted because one central compressor pumps air through hidden ducts or pipes usually located in your roof out into your spaces through small vents in the ceiling.


  • Climate Zones – You can set a different temperature for each room and or multiple rooms
  • Unobtrusive – all you will see is the small modern grills in the ceiling
  • Value add – When selling your home, ducted air conditioning is considered a major selling point
  • Heat and Cool – you can have one room warm and one cool, ideal if someone in the family suffers from asthma there are endless possibilities at your fingertips
  • Silent – The quietest option available
  • Efficiencies – Considered one of the most economical to run due to its advanced climate control capabilities
  • Reliability – with the proper Air Conditioning Services in place your ducted system will last for a very long time
  • Powerful and capable – Can effortlessly heat or cool your entire home within minutes
  • Value for money in bigger spaces – With properties of 3 bedrooms or more, multiple levels or large commercial spaces, the price of installing other options don’t compare


  • Set up costs – Installation will set you back more than all other systems
  • Space – Ducted systems can only be installed where there is sufficient space for the ducting, so its best to have the Technicool team come around to inspect first
  • Controls – The central controller is hardwired to the wall

So there you have it, a round-up or the best options to suit our local climate. If you need help with any questions related to installing air conditioning or even repairs, servicing or maintenance for existing systems, contact Technicool and speak with our expert team today.

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