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Best Air Conditioning Temperature for Sleeping

There’s nothing quite as awful as trying to sleep through the worst of a Brisbane summer. When the heat and humidity remain high during the night, many of us reach for the air conditioning thermostat. Using air conditioning throughout the night is a great way to improve your sleep and survive the worst of our local summers. There is plenty of debate about the best air conditioning temperature for sleeping, but we’re here to clear things up. In this article we’ll be discussing the best air conditioning settings for summer, winter and those sweltering Brisbane nights.

What is the Optimal Air Conditioning Temperature?

Since Brisbane’s summers can be punishing, we recommend locals set their air conditioning to 23C to 25C during the day. Setting your thermostat to 23C to 25C offers the best balance between cooling, comfort and energy efficiency. The optimal air conditioning temperature varies depending on the climate and humidity in your area. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different temperature settings to find the one that works for you!

If you’ve invested in a reverse cycle air conditioner, the best heating temperature for Brisbane’s winters is about 18C. That might sound chilly, but heating your home can be costly, so it’s better to set the temperature low and add extra layers of clothing to stay toasty.


The Best Air Conditioning Temperature for Sleeping

The best air conditioning temperature for sleeping is right around 25C. Maintaining the room below your body temperature not only helps you fall asleep, it improves the quality of sleep too. 

Modern air conditioners often have a sleep mode that’s especially useful overnight. These advanced features allow you to cool your room down before bed, but they slowly increase the temperature once you’re sleeping to prevent your air conditioner from running all night. Advanced systems can also monitor the room for signs of movement. If your air conditioner detects motion like tossing and turning, it will lower the temperature to help you drift back to sleep.

      The Importance of Air Conditioning Temperatures for Sleep

      Body temperature and sleep cycles are closely connected, and it’s easy to disturb your sleep if your air con is set to the wrong temperature. That’s because your body’s sleep cycle is controlled by its circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is based on the day and night cycle of the sun, and it relies on cues such as temperature to release sleep hormones. Setting your air conditioning temperature to 25C at night helps with:

      • Making it easier to fall asleep
      • Improving sleep quality
      • Improving moods and wakefulness during the day
      • Improving bodily recovery, immune function and other processes
      • Decreasing fatigue

      Just remember that setting your air conditioning temperature too low can also affect sleep, so try to find a happy medium.

      Air Conditioning Temperature Setting for Energy Saving

      It’s no secret that air conditioning temperatures can have a big impact on your power bills. According to research by Canstar, increasing the temperature of a split system air conditioner by 2 degrees could save you more than $55 per year! Ultimately, the best air conditioning temperature setting for energy saving is 25C or higher in summer. The less your air conditioner has to cool your home, the less power it will consume. 

      There are also a few other things you can do to reduce your cooling bill this summer:

      • Use ceiling fans to circulate cool air from your air conditioner
      • Close blinds and curtains to prevent sunlight from heating up your home
      • Seal any air leaks around your doors and windows
      • Close the doors to rooms that aren’t in use
      • Invest in a modern air conditioner with energy saving controls

      Stay Cool and Improve Your Sleep this Summer with Technicool!

      The best air conditioning temperature is the one that allows you to go about your day in cool and comfort. With summer around the corner once again, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to make it through Brisbane’s hot weather. If you’d like to explore the possibilities of air conditioning then get in touch with Technicool! The Technicool team are air conditioning specialists working throughout Brisbane. We specialise in installing, repairing and maintaining split systems and ducted air conditioning. Each of our air conditioning installations is tailored to suit your home. Our technicians will visit your property to measure the space and figure out what we can do to provide you with years of trouble-free cooling!

      You are welcome to contact us online if you have any questions or would like to make a booking.

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