How to Deal With Queensland Humidity

Queensland is famous for its hot, damp summers. Anyone who’s spent time in Brisbane knows that summer means a few months spent sweltering and dashing between patches of shade. The good news is that it doesn’t always have to be that way! There isn’t much you can do about the heat outside, but you can manage the humidity inside your home and stay comfortable this coming summer. If you’re ready for a cool change then we’ve got four great tips for dealing with the Queensland humidity.

1. Improve the Airflow in Your Home

Stagnant air is the enemy of Queensland summers. Opening your windows on a hot day can seem counterintuitive, but getting the right amount of airflow through your home can reduce both the temperature and humidity levels. A steady flow of fresh air can help cool your spaces, carry away humid air and reduce the cloistered feel of closed-off spaces.

Depending on the conditions, there’s a few things you can do to balance the airflow in your home and keep the humidity levels low:

  • Open your windows to allow air movement through rooms and large spaces. Make sure to open opposing windows to create cross-ventilation.
  • Use your ceiling fans to keep the air moving throughout your rooms.
  • Run ceiling extraction fans while you’re using the laundry or bathroom to minimise moisture in the air.

2. Dry Your Clothes Outside

Any source of moisture inside your home is only going to make Queensland’s summer humidity worse. Doing laundry and drying your clothes indoors are a major culprit!

For starters, make sure you’re running the ventilation fan in your laundry while the dryer or washing machine are in use. If your laundry has a door or window to the outside of the home, open that and close the internal laundry door to direct the damp air outside. But, the less laundry you can do inside the home, the better. Rather than running your dryer, take advantage of the warm weather to dry clothes outside. Clothes dryers not only create heat, they generate a fair bit of moisture, making those humid days seem even worse.

3. Run Your Air Conditioning

4. Service your Air Conditioners

Since air conditioners pull moisture from the air, you need to make sure they’re disposing of the condensation properly. Your air conditioners contain a condensation drip tray and drain. When working properly, the drain will keep the condensation tray empty and prevent that moisture from stagnating and evaporating back into the air. From time to time though, the drip tray and drain will need to be inspected and cleaned. Before summer rolls around it’s always a good idea to have your air conditioners serviced. Not only will they work better and run more efficiently, regular maintenance will prevent unserviced air conditioners from making your home more humid than it needs to be.

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